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September 23, 2018

A Sabbath Supper: Watching Jesus

Passage: Luke 14:1-6
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Bible Text: Luke 14:1-6 | Preacher: Austin Scott | Series: A Sabbath Supper

The very beginning of the sermon was cut off so here’s what you missed:

It’s the distant future – the year 2015.  At least that was the distant future when Isaac Asimov wrote the story in talking about in 1941.  In the short story, “Runaround,” Asimov tells the story of Powell, Donovan, and SPD-13 (a robot nicknamed ‘Speedy’).  They were sent to Mercury to restart a mine that had been abandoned ten years earlier.

As they restart operations they realize they will need to collect some selenium to keep the life support systems online.  The nearest pool of selenium is 17 miles away which should be no problem for Speedy… but after 5 hours he hasn’t returned.  Going in search is a more primitive robot to find and assess the situation that Speedy has gotten himself into.  They realize as they do so that Speedy is going in a big circle around the selenium pool.

This is where the recording picks up…

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