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Morning worship at LaCenter Christian Church begins at 9:30 A.M. with a time of fellowship and coffee for the adults and snacks and juice for the children in the fellowship hall.

At 10:00 we divide into our Sunday school classes, generally by age. The children’s classes are divided by age so that lessons will be appropriate to the level of understanding. Most of the classes use printed Sunday school materials, but the “mature” adults class studies the Bible solely. Much of the lesson in all of the classes is centered on discussion and application of the Bible’s teachings instead of just the text itself. We first try to understand the text and then try to determine how to apply that teaching to our lives.

Morning worship begins at 11:00. The first part of our worship centers on the relationship of God’s people with an extensive greeting time, followed by music and then prayer for individual and community concerns. We firmly believe in the power of prayer to bring change and focus us on Who is in charge. Communion stands at the center of the worship, marking a shift to meditation on our personal relationship with our Lord. Our weekly open Communion distinguishes the Christian Church and stands as one of the few practices that may appear in any way like a church creed. The sermon, always Bible based, follows communion. Our church music consists of a piano and organ and the hymns range from the more modern praise music to the Protestant standbys to the traditional hymns of the early church in Europe. People come dressed however they feel comfortable, from jeans and tee shirts to suits and ties. All are accepted, all are welcome.

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