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Our History

In the fall of 1898, in a small community known as Hazelwood, a Scotsman, remembered now only as Rev. McDonald, began a camp meeting in an old warehouse belonging to Mr. Gus Northington. Out of this camp meeting came the inspiration to organize and build a Christian Church. The land was donated by an interested party in the community and the work was soon accomplished by public donations and volunteer labor. By the spring of 1899 the Church was completed. Some of the ministers serving the church were Rev. Cooke, Rev. Cade, Rev. Sexton and Bro. McCaw.

In the spring of 1902, the town of LaCenter was laid out in blocks from a 371 acre farm. The majority of the people in the surrounding area soon bought lots in this newly organized town and soon it was decided that it would be proper to move the church to town, too. In 1906, the actual church building was placed on the corner lot of 3rd and Pine Streets. On February 22, 1909, while Bro. Thomas was minister, a raging storm blew the church building down. All that was salvaged from the building was the organ and the old benches. Services were held in the school house until a new church could be built. On October 29, 1912, two lots at the corner of 4th and Walnuts streets (our current location) were purchased for $200.00. Work on the sanctuary began in 1913 and the new building was dedicated in 1917. This building was destroyed by fire on December 3, 1944 just as the Sunday school hour was to begin. The piano and all the furnishings of the building except the floor coverings were rescued from the building. The congregation worshiped in the Methodist Church for awhile and then moved back to the school house where they worshiped until the spring of 1948. Ministers who served the church during the 1930’s and 40’s include Bro. C.D. McCaw, Bro. Parker, Bro. Eldridge and Bro. Howard Kraps.

The present building, dedicated in 1948, has seen much progress and growth. At the closing of the Blandville Christian Church, we were given their pump organ which was traded for a discount on new pews. An electric organ was purchased just in time for the dedication of the church parsonage built in 1953. In 1956 the Bandana Christian Church closed its doors after sixty-four years of service and many of its members joined us. The pulpit in the vestibule came from the Bandana Church. The Sunday school annex was added in 1964 and the steeple was put in place in 1977. Also in 1977, the Kevil Christian Church closed its doors after sixty-six years of service and several of its members joined us. A new organ was purchased in 1980, the Sanctuary pews were padded in 1981 and memorial stain glass windows were installed in 1993. A chair lift was installed in 1998. Also in the late 1990s the following mission statement was adopted by the congregation.

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