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The Mission

LaCenter Christian Church takes very seriously Jesus’ words, “Feed my sheep,” and we understand those needs to include both physical and spiritual requirements. Our outreach begins at home with active participation in and funding of the community food pantry. Additionally, we have an Emergency Fund that a committee oversees that can address emergency needs of people in the immediate community quickly.

We support faith-based community programs which combat addiction, mission programs, university Christian programs, and organized efforts to help those with special needs. We have, on occasion, funded missions for individuals, especially young people, who take God’s message to those who do not know Him.

Our board and/or congregation often respond to disasters and special problems with specific efforts or gifts. Ours is an independent Christian church, so we have no affiliation with a centralized organization of churches that collectively funds the same programs. Instead we seek out the needs of God’s people and strive to be His hands and feet, beginning in our immediate community and expanding outwardly.